Looking from the outside in, Woolworths can appear to be a daunting organisation for a small startup to work with. You could also assume that they will be slow and overly bureaucratic. At Localz, we have been delighted to find that the Woolworths team have been great to work with. They are innovative in their approach both in terms of the new customer experiences they are seeking to test and learn from; and the way they work internally in order to implement and scale projects rapidly.

We’re excited about further developing our relationship with Woolworths and have benefited from their advice and guidance on how to get the most out of the partnership. Tim Andrew

Woolworths were one of our foundation clients when we were a small start-up, and our relationship is still very strong as we grow. You would assume such a large company may be more conservative and only work with other big companies, but they were really visionary in their support of our new ideas and innovations and they continue to be an awesome partner.Peter Drinkwater